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Inbal Megiddo



“Without question a major talent.”- Daniel Barenboim

“…extremely talented, very musical musician” - Zubin Mehta

“She has what it takes!”- Mstislav Rostropovich 

“A very gifted player, musically intelligent. Something quite special, and an exceptional talent.”
- Aldo Parisot 

“…a young talented, and wonderful musician…”
- Harry Ellis Dickson, Boston Classical Orchestra 

“She has the gift of being able to communicate musically with a rare combination of soul, sincerity and skill that captures her listeners.”
- Jesse Levine 

“Megiddo plays with elegance, she has the gift.“
- Alfonso Armada, ABC Madrid 

“...has the rare combination of extraordinary interpretive depth, virtuosity and of the best of her generation.”
- Stradivari Society

“…a rare talent … she has mastered this instrument and plays it with emotion and an expertise that audiences find so uplifting … I have seen many, many cellists in performance over the years … Inbal is one of the very best there is.”
- Dr. Ruth Westheimer 

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Bach Prelude, Suite 1 - Inbal
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