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The Popper Project - Collaborating with iClassical Academy!

I am very excited to be collaborating with the innovative learning and teaching online platform, iClassical Academy, to share a course on the Popper High School of Cello Playing.

Most of us encounter these etudes at some point during our cello studies, and they can be daunting! Full of technical challenges for both left hand and bow arm, it is tempting to just learn how to get through a few of them.

But the purpose of my course is to help cellists gain an understanding and mastery of the techniques each etude poses, and then taking that knowledge to your repertoire and using it to overcome any technical challenge, and even more importantly, develop your powers of interpretation. It is a misconception that people need to be big or strong to play the cello. We need to learn how to play tension free and naturally with the body. Through this course, I help you understand the principles and foundations of technique that will allow you to play without tension, to improve facility and speed, learn the geography of the fingerboard, master elements of bow technique that help us create beautiful sound, infinite articulations, and flowing phrases.

I recorded each etude, and along with it, a tutorial to learn how the pedagogy behind it, and how to approach it. It was a journey for me to work on them all to performance level, and I'm excited to share that journey with you! If you have questions about the course or any of the challenges discussed, don't hesitate to reach out to me either through this website or social media. :)

A preview of the course is available here:


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